Top 4 Things to Consider Before You Start Vaping

There are different reasons why people start vaping because vaping satisfies different needs. Some of the main reasons why people start vaping are to relax, flavors, to join the community, control and becoming a vaping hobbyist. Vaping involves the use of e-liquids that have different flavors and there are a whole lot of flavors that you need to try out. Everybody has his or her best e-juice to try out depending on the flavor that you like most. Vaping is one of the best ways that one can use to test or experience all kinds of flavors and also this enables you to taste quite a variety of fruits. Here are some of the things to consider before you start vaping.

Is it good for you?

It is very important for you to know whether vaping is good for you though this seems to be a tricky part for many people. It is tricky because even those who use them can be seen defending the e-cigs. Most people like the e-cigs because it is faster as compared to smoking a real cigarette. Studies are underway to determine what the effects of vaping are and if there are any new risks that are associated with this vaping.

Can it explode?

There are chances that an e-cigarette can explode but this is not meant to scare you from vaping. There are some instances or reported cases where an e-cigarette exploded and burst into flames but it is not clear on the kinds of e-cigarettes that are likely to explode and the reasons behind the explosion are yet to be established. E-cigarettes are the best to use nowadays as compared to smoking but we have to be careful when using them so they don’t explode and affect you in one way or the other. Check here.

What will make or help me to quit smoking?

According to many health authorities, the evidence on how to stop smoking is still unknown because e-cigarettes have turned many people to be dual users. It is scaring because e-cigarettes have acted as a gateway for many people who were never smokers to start smoking properly. There are several best e-juice brands that new smokers use and they get addicted hence becoming hard for them to quit smoking and instead be real smokers.

Where can I vape?

The law that pertains to the use of the e-cigarettes is hazy and the reason for this is because it does not contain tobacco nor is it a cigarette. According to experts e-cigarettes need to be regulated in one way or the other and if possible amendments be made to the legislation so that we can reduce the way vaping is done. Nowadays vaping is done even in public spaces including in restaurants and malls and it is the role of the owners of these places to control the vaping in their areas.

Last but not least, those who are new to vaping usually find it confusing because even the words associated with this kind of product are totally foreign. Before you start vaping you have to understand the various types of vape mods and best e-juice flavors in the market. To find out more, check out

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The ideal Vape pens starter kits for beginners

Aesthetics and ergonomics: More and more I realize that the aesthetic question and especially the ergonomics, the “footprint”, format, weight and design of the devices influence a lot in the choice and success of acceptance of the best vape pen starter kit. Large and heavy appliances may not be for you, while small and fragile appliances please. Take this into consideration as it will be very bad you have a good handset that does not bring you satisfaction while using it. One of the most normal things is that people are surprised by the size of the gadgets, as they are smaller than they seem.

Things to consider when picking yourbest vape pen starter kit

Technology: Today almost all mods have temperature control; learn more about this in this article. The fashion is now on touchscreen devices, a feature that is being explored recently in several devices. Practically there was a leveling as to the technology of the way of vaporizing.

Ease: There are people who want a device to call and quit using and do not care and they may not even want anything else. To resist, to create recipes for judges, to understand how things work, nothing like that, they want something uncomplicated and there are devices that are indicated exactly for these cases. Picking the best vape pendeeply depends on who will use it.

What do I need in the best vape pen?

You will basically need 5 things when picking the best vape pen:

A device also known as MOD: It is the device that will unite everything in one set. A more modern appliance can offer you more power and consequently a warmer steam, plus safety features and even some purely cosmetic like showing the time, day, how many puffs you gave, and so on. On the other hand, a simpler appliance can make your life easier, removed from the box, put the liquid, began to use.

An atomizer or tank: Depending on the model of the best vapor pen the atomizer or tank you will have greater compatibility with the higher potencies of more powerful mods, in addition to a greater production of steam and / or feel more flavors in your liquids. They may also have easier ways to refill (put more liquid to consume) or make it easier to replace the resistors, cotton, etc. to make the unit ready for use again (if you rebuild it yourself). They are also responsible for the style of steam, more “open” or more “closed”.

Resistance: also known as COIL, is literally a tiny resistance just like a showerhead, which can be made from various materials like Kanthal, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, etc. It is responsible for heating and transforming its liquid into steam. Whoever heats it is the MOD who in turn uses the battery to have the energy to do it. It is this resistance that you can redo by yourself, but you need the knowledge of the ohms law (nothing complicated but important) and a bit of manual work. Many atomizers have ready-made resistors that can be purchased separately. Spoiled, throw away and put another. It is up to each one to choose what they want.

The battery: it may well be internal and come along with the MOD in most of the best vapor pen, with no possibility to change (if you are aware of electronics it is often possible to change it) or be external and just like a battery (including the format is the same, the batteries themselves are only more robust) can be changed and recharged.

The liquid: is the product that you will consume. There you will have several ingredients, among them glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor essences and nicotine, with the advantage of not having any of those carcinogenic substances of the best vape pen starter kit.

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Tips and Tricks for Mixing the Perfect Vape Juice Flavor  


Who have thought that with hundreds of correctly best e-juice already on the marketplace, many vapers would discover a way to branch out even more and ultimately personalize their e-liquids?

The practice of mixing up your vape juice commenced with experimentally adding a few drops of one e-liquid to another liquid just to see what would happen.

There are dozens of fan-created formulas available on the internet which incorporate e-juice flavors from various manufacturers.


In perhaps one of our own most innovative techniques, VaporFi decided that we not want to be overlooked of the fun when it came up to mixing up your own the best e-juice. VaporFi already has the most significant independent collection of e-liquids anywhere on the web, and we are recognized for our ability to add an extra taste shot or three to our liquids upon request.

Given our versatility with even our most simple flavors, it is no real surprise to find that we are ready to take on custom mixing on your behalf!


Once you visit our VaporFi website and go into the Shop menu, the very first tab is perfect for vape juice and best e-juice. Inside of this list is an option to build Your Own. The Create Your web page allows you to choose up to three of VaporFi’s existing tastes to mix mutually in a proportion of your choosing.

Produce a flavor

There’s a handy aesthetic menu which allows anyone to choose each taste you want, and then choose the strength of the flavor, the PG/VG ratio, and the nicotine strength.

The power of buying a custom combination from VaporFi is you are guaranteed to get a combine that upholds our high processing and quality control requirements.

Tastes That Work

OK, now that you know where to find the Create Your menu, it is time to decide which tastes will work well together. Obviously, most folks have a popular treat they would like to emulate by creating their liquid. For example, mint delicious chocolate chip glaciers cream may be accomplished using best e-juice flavors- VaporFi’s Vanilla Bean Snow Cream, Chocolate Delight and Fresh Mint.

Recently there has been much hubbub in the vaping community throughout the creation of any perfect Strawberry Dairy flavor.

Get Crazy

Of course, they are just a few of the combinations that people have discussed a lot. The true question is what flavors you want most. There are thousands of possible combinations you can choose from, and once you have got the formula down, you can order it normally as you like. Plus, many people would wish to hear about your recipes and try them for themselves. You may become a vape-mixing celebrity instantaneously!

The main element to creating a great menu is to start out with the right base flavor. Tobacco bases are complemented by refined fruits and softer flavors like vanilla and caramel.


Take a few chances, try unusual combinations and find out as you go. Each bottle you blend will provide you with an idea of how to boost next time. Best e-juice brands help it be easy to trail your improvement and continue creating unique blends that are 100 percent yours, so go for it!



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All About Vape Pens

Are you considering getting a vape pen?  Vape pens are essentially small pen sized technology that help you vaporize (hence the vape) materials for smoking. There are many different types of vape pens out there and, depending on what your intended use is, a variety of factors to consider. Let’s discuss them and come up with the best vape pen for your specific use!

Advantages of vape pens and how they work

Vape pens are easy to use and convenient. Not having to keep track of a match or a lighter can save you infinite time and frustration. They’re also much healthier than smoking a traditional cigarette and much more discreet, not emanating nearly as much smoke. They also cost much less in the long run! Vape pens can be slightly more expensive at first but when you add up the cost of packs of cigarettes over months and years, it’s not even close. Vape pens all have similar structure – consisting of a cartridge/tank (which may or may not be refillable depending on the brand), a heating element (the part that converts the oil to vapor), sensors (this tells the vape pen when to turn on), the battery (mostly rechargeable except in the disposable models) and the charger (for rechargeable models).

How to use a vape pen

The first step in using a vape pen is to make sure that it is charged thoroughly before the first use! Think of it as a new phone. It may be frustrating to wait, but it will be worth it and the battery will work for much longer, as well! After your vape pen is fully charged, load the cartridge. Read the instructions for specific directions, but most of the time it’s as easy as just screwing it the battery to the cartridge and the mouthpiece to the other end of the cartridge. Then, simply inhale! Some vape pens require you to push a button before inhaling, others simply use a sensor that recognizes that your lips are on the pen. Take a deep breath and blow it out. There is no need to hold it in as the vaporizing effects make the oil much quicker to vaporize and absorb.

How to know what type of oil to use with your vape pen

Depending on what you’re using your vape pen for, you may want to do some research before deciding what type of pen to purchase. You can get traditional oil or flavored oil. Make sure to read all labels and insure that the oil you’re using with your vape pen has been lab tested for safety. Due to the recent surge in popularity of vape pens, many cities have opened up dispensaries that sell many different types and flavors of oil for your vape pen. Check them out, see if they’ll let you try a few before you decide on one.

When looking for the best vape pen, consider first your intended use. Most vape pens require very little direction and are easy, convenient and safe to use with a little research!

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Vape Pens: What You Should Know

Vape Pens

For thousands of people they want to find the best vape pen and it’s not hard to see why. These vape pens have really taken off in recent years and it seems that more and more are turning to them rather than smoking regular cigarettes. However, does that make them any safer than smoking a real cigarette? Read on and find out a few things you need to know about vape pens.

What Is A Vape Pen?

A Vape pen or a vaporizer pen is a type of electronic cigarette and they are quite small devices. However, these e-cigs are used to inhale e-juice; you may also know this as propylene glycol. The user will inhale the e-juice and exhaust later producing a vapor effect. These pens have really taken the electronic cigarette market by storm and it’s not too hard to understand why. For most, they see this as a new way to smoke without really smoking, but is that the case?

This Is a New Form of Smoking

Unfortunately, most people seem to think that if they use a vapor pen, it means they aren’t smoking. That isn’t exactly true because while you aren’t using a standard cigarette you are still smoking but in a new way. For instance, you are inhaling nicotine in some of the e-juices, so you are still smoking, but it does present most with a way to reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke and maybe even stop entirely. You are still technically smoking even though you don’t have a physical cigarette in your hands. That is something most seem to forget when searching for the best vape pen but it’s wise to remember it. This is really just a new form of smoking.

What Is A Vape Pen Made Of?

There are three elements to the pen. First of all, there is the liquid cartridge which is the e-liquid which can be used to produce the actual vapor effects. These liquids can range significantly and cover a variety of flavors including strawberry and vanilla. However, most of them will contain nicotine and the doses can also vary considerably. Secondly, the pens require an atomizer which heats the liquid and then there is the rechargeable battery. These things are contained within circular tubing or casing that keeps the pens together. The vape pen can be used by most adults. However, costs can vary for these pens and usually it’s cheaper to buy a pen and just the refills later.

Are These Pens Dangerous To Use And Will They Help You Quit Smoking?

Vape PensThere actually hasn’t been a lot studies carried out to say conclusively whether the vape pens are safe to use or otherwise. That is quite concerning as there isn’t a definite answer. However, these pens are widely used to help someone reduce and stop smoking. The effectiveness of them varies, but a lot of people aren’t smoking regular cigarettes. Many smokers look for the best vape pen to help them give up smoking for good. They have the best chance to give up. See more info coming from

Understand What Vape Pens Are Before Using

In all honesty, it’s up to each individual who should make up their mind as to whether they want to use these vape pens, but that doesn’t mean to say they shouldn’t know the facts first. It is very important to understand what vape pens are and what benefits they can offer too before using them. Too many people don’t really do enough and find they waste money on something that isn’t suited to them. A vape pen is a good solution for many smokers but know the facts before using.

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Best Vape Pens For E-Liquid, Dry Herb and Waxes In 2016

vape pen starter kit

You are buying the best e-juice and that really means you want the best vape pens too and this can be often a little difficult for many users. They aren’t always sure which pens are best suited to what they plan to use and for some reason it’s quite a frustrating time. However, if you want to find the best vape pens for a variety of e-liquids and waxes and dry herbs, it doesn’t have to be too difficult. Read on and find the best pens available today.

Joy e-Tech E-GO AIO

For those who don’t want to spend too much money and are just starting out, they may be best suited to a starter kit. Finding the best vape pen starter kit is a lot easier than you’d think and you really have a wide variety of options available. If you want a great starter pen then you may want to consider the Joy e-Tech E-Go AIO. This is a great vapor pen and one that is perfect for beginners too. This handles e-liquid and it is something that isn’t overly costly either which should be a great little option for most users too.

Vape Pen for Dry Herbs

If you are interested in using dry herbs, you may find the Vapor-FI orbit dry herb vaporizer to be the most suitable choice. This vape pen not only offers high performance but really isn’t too costly either and that is something most people want, an affordable pen. However, you will be able to get a long lasting battery and it’s light and compact. You will be able to take this wherever you go and will find it’s much easier to carry around than a pack of cigarettes also.

Oils and Waxes

If you are someone who uses waxes in their vape pen then you may be interested in the Source Orb 4. This is truly amongst the very best pens available today and it’s great if you want to use waxes or oils. The battery life is very good and this device is quite versatile and easy to work as well. You don’t have to worry too much about getting great value for money which is excellent. However, you are able to get a high quality pen here and it’s one that stands shoulders above the crowd too. You can also visit for more details on the best vape pens on the market.

Choose Wisely

vape pen starter kitYou can opt for the best vape pen starter kit but you really need to have an idea as to what you plan to use. If you are going to use e-liquids then you must stick to devices that carry an e-liquid chamber otherwise it isn’t suitable. Too many people don’t think and jump and buy the first they see which is a real waste. Learn more from

Get the Best

There are many different vapor pens to consider when it comes to electronic smoking and you have to understand what works for you, may not work for someone else. That is why it’s important to think about what you need and want so that the right one can be found. Buying the best e-juice is easy once you know what you want.

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Best Vape Pens and Portable Vaporizers on the Market

portable vaporizers

For those who want to give up smoking, they go in search for the best vapor pen and it’s not hard to see why. Vapor pens really offer a new element to quit smoking simply because people get to smoke, but in a totally different light meaning, they can potentially reduce the amount of nicotine they use. This is something which is very important today and yet for many they really struggle to find the best vapor pens. So, what options do you have? Read on and find the best portable vaporizers and pens on the market.

E-Juice Pens

There are many types of portable and vapor pens available today, and if you are someone who uses e-juice, then it’s wise to find one just for that purpose. However, there are quite a few options available including the Vaporfi platinum pro. Now, as soon as you see this, you will know you will be able to enjoy the best e-juice with the device. It is small but very powerful and there is enough battery to last a very long time. If you want a high quality and very elegantly designed pen, this is the one for you.

The V2 Pro

Another great quality option to consider would have to be the V2 Pro. Now, this beautiful pen is very sleek and offers a nice subtle approach too which is great. You are not going to be overly noticeable with this pen and it is able to take liquids as well as oils and dry herbs so it’s quite versatile. This is really a high quality pen and one which more and more seem to adore. There are quite a lot of high tech capabilities going on which is a real bonus feature for most too. If you want the best vape pen, this might be amongst your top considerations. It’s very versatile and impressive to say the least.

Portable Pens

If you want to go for the more portable orientated pen then you are going to love the PAX. PAX by Ploom is truly one of the very best portable devices available today. You are going to find this is easy to use and offers a real sensible design. However, there is an X which appears when you’re losing battery power which is great. This will prevent you from running out whilst out and about. You will be able to use the best e-juice here and it isn’t too costly either. That is something you want to think about as money means a lot to most today. continue reading here!

Opting For the Best Vape Pen Starter Kit May Be the Best Idea for Newcomers

portable vaporizersIf you’re just starting out, you really need to choose a starters kit. The reason why is simply because the starter’s kit offers everything a beginner will need and it gives them a far more cost-effective option too. Also, it is a lot easier to start off with a starter’s kit for beginners just in case they aren’t overly keen on such tools. This is certainly something important to remember. However, you can buy the best vape pen starter kit and it will give you a real feel for what’s on offer. Check it from

Take Your Time and You’ll Find the Best

When it comes to choosing between one vape pen and another, you will find it’s a hard choice. The reason why is simply because there are many good options to consider and many of them are considered to be amongst the very best. However, if you look at all options available then you should be able to find one that suits your needs. Find the best vape pen and enjoy.

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