The ideal Vape pens starter kits for beginners

Aesthetics and ergonomics: More and more I realize that the aesthetic question and especially the ergonomics, the “footprint”, format, weight and design of the devices influence a lot in the choice and success of acceptance of the best vape pen starter kit. Large and heavy appliances may not be for you, while small and fragile appliances please. Take this into consideration as it will be very bad you have a good handset that does not bring you satisfaction while using it. One of the most normal things is that people are surprised by the size of the gadgets, as they are smaller than they seem.

Things to consider when picking yourbest vape pen starter kit

Technology: Today almost all mods have temperature control; learn more about this in this article. The fashion is now on touchscreen devices, a feature that is being explored recently in several devices. Practically there was a leveling as to the technology of the way of vaporizing.

Ease: There are people who want a device to call and quit using and do not care and they may not even want anything else. To resist, to create recipes for judges, to understand how things work, nothing like that, they want something uncomplicated and there are devices that are indicated exactly for these cases. Picking the best vape pendeeply depends on who will use it.

What do I need in the best vape pen?

You will basically need 5 things when picking the best vape pen:

A device also known as MOD: It is the device that will unite everything in one set. A more modern appliance can offer you more power and consequently a warmer steam, plus safety features and even some purely cosmetic like showing the time, day, how many puffs you gave, and so on. On the other hand, a simpler appliance can make your life easier, removed from the box, put the liquid, began to use.

An atomizer or tank: Depending on the model of the best vapor pen the atomizer or tank you will have greater compatibility with the higher potencies of more powerful mods, in addition to a greater production of steam and / or feel more flavors in your liquids. They may also have easier ways to refill (put more liquid to consume) or make it easier to replace the resistors, cotton, etc. to make the unit ready for use again (if you rebuild it yourself). They are also responsible for the style of steam, more “open” or more “closed”.

Resistance: also known as COIL, is literally a tiny resistance just like a showerhead, which can be made from various materials like Kanthal, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, etc. It is responsible for heating and transforming its liquid into steam. Whoever heats it is the MOD who in turn uses the battery to have the energy to do it. It is this resistance that you can redo by yourself, but you need the knowledge of the ohms law (nothing complicated but important) and a bit of manual work. Many atomizers have ready-made resistors that can be purchased separately. Spoiled, throw away and put another. It is up to each one to choose what they want.

The battery: it may well be internal and come along with the MOD in most of the best vapor pen, with no possibility to change (if you are aware of electronics it is often possible to change it) or be external and just like a battery (including the format is the same, the batteries themselves are only more robust) can be changed and recharged.

The liquid: is the product that you will consume. There you will have several ingredients, among them glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor essences and nicotine, with the advantage of not having any of those carcinogenic substances of the best vape pen starter kit.

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All About Vape Pens

Are you considering getting a vape pen?  Vape pens are essentially small pen sized technology that help you vaporize (hence the vape) materials for smoking. There are many different types of vape pens out there and, depending on what your intended use is, a variety of factors to consider. Let’s discuss them and come up with the best vape pen for your specific use!

Advantages of vape pens and how they work

Vape pens are easy to use and convenient. Not having to keep track of a match or a lighter can save you infinite time and frustration. They’re also much healthier than smoking a traditional cigarette and much more discreet, not emanating nearly as much smoke. They also cost much less in the long run! Vape pens can be slightly more expensive at first but when you add up the cost of packs of cigarettes over months and years, it’s not even close. Vape pens all have similar structure – consisting of a cartridge/tank (which may or may not be refillable depending on the brand), a heating element (the part that converts the oil to vapor), sensors (this tells the vape pen when to turn on), the battery (mostly rechargeable except in the disposable models) and the charger (for rechargeable models).

How to use a vape pen

The first step in using a vape pen is to make sure that it is charged thoroughly before the first use! Think of it as a new phone. It may be frustrating to wait, but it will be worth it and the battery will work for much longer, as well! After your vape pen is fully charged, load the cartridge. Read the instructions for specific directions, but most of the time it’s as easy as just screwing it the battery to the cartridge and the mouthpiece to the other end of the cartridge. Then, simply inhale! Some vape pens require you to push a button before inhaling, others simply use a sensor that recognizes that your lips are on the pen. Take a deep breath and blow it out. There is no need to hold it in as the vaporizing effects make the oil much quicker to vaporize and absorb.

How to know what type of oil to use with your vape pen

Depending on what you’re using your vape pen for, you may want to do some research before deciding what type of pen to purchase. You can get traditional oil or flavored oil. Make sure to read all labels and insure that the oil you’re using with your vape pen has been lab tested for safety. Due to the recent surge in popularity of vape pens, many cities have opened up dispensaries that sell many different types and flavors of oil for your vape pen. Check them out, see if they’ll let you try a few before you decide on one.

When looking for the best vape pen, consider first your intended use. Most vape pens require very little direction and are easy, convenient and safe to use with a little research!

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Best Box Mods and Vape Mods For 2016


People are currently moving to vaping as an alternative to cigarettes, believing there’s not tobacco smoke, thus got to be safer. This remains to be true, although there is some evidence that the best vape mod and e-cigs are toxic. Beyond that, there is the fact this vape occasionally blow up.

Best mods are box shaping vaping devices including pens. The mods sizes mean they can offer longer battery life, temperature control, variable voltage and wattage, extensive safety protection, among others features than vape pens or e-cigs.

Buy the best mod vape!

When buying the best box mod, the user has to buy the clearomizer and battery separately, if you are lucky to buy an inbuilt battery.

A clearomizer is glass; the transparent plastic tank contains the atomiser, the part that heats the liquid and still holds the e-liquid attaching to the top of the mod.

Mods for beginners (INNOKIN COOLFIRE IV ISUB 40W)

The best mod to kickstart your e-smoking would be INNOKIN COOLFIRE IV ISUB 40W. The mod has an output of 6.0W to 40.W a 3.0V-7.5V, including iSub sub-ohm tank 4ml and a 2000mAh internal battery. Has a wide bore drip tip as well as a charging cable.

The innokin Coolfire 4 iSub is a great mod for beginners costing $39.95. I like for its small and sleek, yet powerful ohm capabilities.

Cheap mod (ELEAF ISTICK 50W)

If you are looking for a cheap but best box mod, choose the ELEAF ISTICK 50W at the cost of $34.95. The box mod has an output of 2-10V, 5-50W, and 0.5-5.0ohm. You will enjoy an adjustable wattage and voltage and temperature alarm function, an internal 4400mAh battery with protections.

Eleaf iStick is an authentic mod with a complete bargain at under $30 if compared with similar mods on the market, with a true value of over $50.

Best box mod Cloud Chasing

The SMOK KOOPOR PLUS 200W TC at a cost of $45 is the best box mood for big cloud. It’s the greatest box mod with a 200W range, with a stainless steel and two 18650 batteries the reason for its size and weight.

  • Output ranges: 6 to 200W, 0.35 to 8.00V, 0.10 to 3.00 ohms or 0.08 to 3.00 ohms in TC mode
  • TC mode range: 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dual driver system
  • High-Frequency Dynamic Monitoring Resistance technology
  • Takes two high amp 18650 batteries (sold separately)

If you are looking to cut down on vaping then kooper plus with a unique max puff cutoff setting is a useful box mod.

Temp control

The best temperature control mods are good when it comes to temperature moderation of the atomizer coil to prevent dry hits, burnt coils as well as vapor that have to hot.

The best box mod choice being Eleaf iStick pico 75W TC at the cost of $26.95, and the PIONEER4YOU IPV 5 SX330 200W TC $54 on the market.

For the best SUB ohm, you can pay $44.95 for a SMOK R-STEAM MINI 80W. While the high-end box mod is SX MINI Q CLASS 200W $199.95, WISMEC REULEAUX DNA 200W $154.95 and TESLA INVADER MINI $19.95 (60% OFF) the only mechanical box mod. That makes the best box mod on the market.

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